4 Factors to Consider in Valuing Your Antique Furniture

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Knowing the value of an antique is a very useful skill to everyone especially to those who are planning to make a living by buying antique products in lower prices. Determining a price of an antique is not that as easy as anyone thinks because it takes a lot of patience and research just to know its value. In fact there is a course that is dedicated just to know antique’s value.

So let’s start. These are the things that you should consider in determining antique’s value:

Designer’s Mark

In clothes, shoes, gadgets, brands dictate how it will be priced. The same goes to furniture products, signatures adds value to it. That’s why signatures should not be ignored, if you need to use a magnifying glass just to see it, then use one.


There are instances where a tremendously rare items with condition factors will still give a good value. A rare item like Earthenware jars from stone age even with cracks will still price more than jars that are created in earlier era.


Let’s say that you have an antique that is not that rare enough to appreciate its value, would you think you would still get a good deal if you will sell it in a bad condition? One of the most important factor when you are valuing an antique is its condition. All the flaws like cracks, wear and tear will be subtracted to its value. That’s why it’s still advisable that the antiques, though old still resemble of what it looks like when it was still new.

Restoration Vs. Repaired

Professional restoration can add significant value for the antique but poorly repaired one can negatively depreciate its value.

So, that’s it! Just continue to follow this blog for more informational posts!

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